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Friday, August 5, 2016

It's finally here!

My Martingale book, Crazy at the Cabin, has arrived!  Today I'm blogging on the Martingale site:

So hop on over there and check it out!  Comment to win a free book!  Will talk to you here again soon!

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Come Shop in my Linen Closet!

My newest fabric line, One Sister's Linen Closet has arrived and is ready to ship! I'm so excited- it's turned out great and there are some truly wonderful background fabrics!  

So if you ready to start "My Home Town

or "Smiling at Me

or "Lazy Stars" and need those scrappy backgrounds, just grab a fat quarter pack and you'll be half way there! And don't forget the plaids! Be sure to add in the "Hip to be Square" yarn dyes!

I'm busy working on my next book, and finishing up a project for Primitive Quilts & Projects, and it's so much fun to be able to work with my new fabrics!  I'm even getting to use the new "Better at the Lake" line (available later this month!!) since my production samples have arrived.  Henry Glass and I've worked hard to make sure each fabric line works with previous and/or future lines so go ahead and start collecting now!     

Here's a sneak peek of the view from my back porch....
This new quilt will have the look and feel of "Farm Fresh" and "Garden Party".   My son Zack has already claimed both of these quilts because he says "it's just like looking out of one of our windows!".   

I often get inspiration from things around me..... here's my honeysuckle vine that has been just beautiful this year, but it's the wheel hub that supports it that was the inspiration for the "Bachelor Buttons" quilt!  

Guess it's time to get back to gazing out my window and calling it work!

Friday, July 1, 2016

Ahhhh, Summer!

Summer is one of my favorite times! It's definitely time for the lake.....

It's time to be mowing the hay, and while Igne is busy cutting kits for me, her husband and boys are busy cutting and baling the hay.  It sure looks great once it's all mowed!

It's time for star gazing...Zack has taken some awesome pictures of the milky way,

but you might also see the Northern Lights 

or the Big Dipper

and most assuredly, you'll see those flags waving come Independence Day!  

But mostly, I look forward to time at the Lake!  Here are Tom and Scot helping me hang the quilt made from the project sheet for my upcoming fabric line, "Better at the Lake".  I just love this quilt, and it's quick to make since it uses the cheater fabric from the line in the center of the churn dash blocks and to make the pillow seen in the first picture.  If you're interested in a kit, just email me at to reserve yours!  The fabric will be in and available for purchase later this month!!

And we're all so disappointed that Scot didn't make the "Men behind the Quilts" calendar!  I think it was a HUGE oversight, don't you? teehee!

Last year at this time, I was working on my "Crazy at the Cabin" book, and guess what just arrived?  My advanced copy!  I'm so excited!!  The team at Martingale did an awesome job!  There are 96 fabulous pages featuring 10 different quilts!  Here is a quick preview:

Crazy Sandollars

Crazy Hot

Cabin in the Pines

What a Hoot

Crazy Moose Messages

Last weekend,  I made mom's 3 bean salad to take to the Lake for Sister's Weekend!  It's delicious and actually has 4 beans in it and is perfect to take to the Lake!  We always put in garbanzo beans too!

Kathy, Sue, & I had a great time!  You might recognize Sue's's the model for the House Boat in Crazy Regatta.  I sketched it during last summer's sister's weekend! So be watching my website so you can order you newest One Sister book, "Crazy at the Cabin" available in August!  

Hope everyone has a great holiday weekend! Be sage and enjoy the fireworks!
Lady Liberty

Friday, June 3, 2016

What's new around here....

Hi Everyone!  It's been ages since I've talked to you!  I've finished up my next book, Crazy Favorite Things, and it should be ready to ship next week.  There are 13 blocks representing some of my very favorite things: birds and bees, flowers and trees, cats and dogs, and stars up above!  These things I do love!  (Plus a few others!)  The book has 8 quilts with various setting options for the blocks. 

Chicks in the Garden

Starry Nights

Churndash Table Runner

Several of the quilts are made with my new fabric lines, "Hip to be Square" and/or "Harvest Blessings" including Chicks in the Garden, Churndash Table Runner, and Starry Nights.

Other projects in the book include Crazy Busy Bees,

My Favorite Things and Welcome

Cherry Blossom Baskets, 

and Sew Crazy Stars.  

We had a fun time at market; here is husband Tom tending the booth!  

And here I am with Bonnie Sullivan and Debbie Busby in Debbie's booth!  

And it was great fun to see my upcoming book, "Crazy at the Cabin" hanging in the Martingale booth!  It will be available in August!  

And speaking of Martingale books, have you seen Kim Diehl's new Christmas book?  This is the one that was photographed in my house last summer!  

And my great-nephew Brigg's hand made the book!

That's all for now!  I will check in again soon, really!

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Grab and Go Bag

Have you received your copy of the Summer edition of Primitive Quilts and Projects?  Inside you will find this fun bag that I designed to carry my iPad or my current appliqué project.    

The design wraps aroung to the back of the bag as you can see in this construction photo, 

And it has plenty of pockets inside, including slotted pockets so you can just slip a credit card and ID in and you'll be traveling light- and hands free since you can make the strap long enough to go cross-body!  I never hang onto a purse anymore if I don't have to!

You can purchase a kit for this project, including all of the Japanese fabrics, wool, and magnetic snap closure to make this great bag on my website!  And if you don't have a subscription for the magazine, you can get your copy here

This time of year especially, I don't like to have to carry around and keep track of a purse, but if I'm wearing it, it's no bother!  It would have been perfect to have this weekend when my sisters Kathy and Sue and I had a sisters evening the other day to meet up at Arbor Crest Winery in Spokane.  It's always beautiful up there with a view of the Spokane river and mountains, and they were having a tulip festival with live music.  We had a fun late afternoon visit and we got to sit outside and enjoy the sunshine, tulips and music.  They have a summer concert series that we'll probably be taking advantage of too!  

I have a very hard time resisting the flowers this time of year!  Everything is looking so beautiful!  Tom rolled his eyes at me but loaded up the half whiskey barrel for me to plant with some perennials- don't you think it looks great in the back of the wagon?  I will wait a bit before I add any annuals but already they are so cheerful!

I've been working on a new crazy book for Spring Market next month and have a fun new crazy flower to go along with the crazy busy bee and other fun favorite things!  But I'm hoping to take a break later today and maybe talking my husband into adding another flower to my sunflower grow-through.  It's like a metal fence to keep the sunflowers upright as they grow-you can see the dead ones from last year that we left for the birds and haven't cleared out yet!  But I do so enjoy collecting stuff (junk) and then having Tom turn it into flowers!  But for now, I guess it's best I that I get back to my "fabric" flowers and get some quilting done! Enjoy your weekend!

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Primitive Style: Folk Art Quilts and Other Finery

Another new book just in is from one of the editors of Primitive Quilts and Projects magazine, Jenifer Gaston who has put together this delightful assortment of folk art projects for us to enjoy! Published by Martingale That Patchwork Place.  Wool is such a joy to work with, and now to have all of these great designs to choose from!  The projects range from a small pincushion, needle roll, or fun sewing pouch to rugs, mats, and larger quilts!  

A couple of  my favorites include the "Water the Flowers" quilt above, but I also really like the "Flowering Vines" table runner and the "Pumpkin Harvest" mat.  This is a fabulous book!  Be sure to order you copy here!