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Sunday, November 15, 2015

A watched pot never boils...that's just completely crazy!

I had hoped to be shipping my new book, "Completely Crazy" by now, but just like the watched pot that refuses to boil when you stand by waiting for it to do so, my books have yet to arrive!  I was told the press went down last week and they are waiting for a part so it will be the end of this week, around Nov 20th.  So another mom-ism, "all things worth having are worth waiting for" will have to be put into play....But truth be told, I'm not a very good wait-er, as in having patience, not as in serving someone a meal, although, I probably wouldn't be very good at balancing a tray full of food either.  I'd be way better picking up the empties when it wouldn't matter (as much) if I dropped them!   But I digress!  

Here's a picture of me and my husband, Tom in my booth at market.  I thought he might enjoy spending our anniversary going to sample spree (not!) and  since he'd also spent time prior to market trying to herd Sonny the pig for my photographer, Bruce and me,  I thought it might be better to take him to dinner and feed him instead! 

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 Trying to get a photo for the book cover, Bruce and I had visions dressing Sonny the pig in googles and angel wings and Sonny was having none of it!  Pretty soon, neither was Tom! But he's a really good sport and will do just about anything for me! Including trying to herd a pig!  

Another crazy project he and my son Zack tackled this summer for me was to help me lay the pavers for this crazy star in our if that's not completely took a pick axe to chisel across the driveway after all the years of the gravel being compacted.....I know, I know,  I've heard it all already! What was I thinking? But I really like my star! I'm thinking it's marvelous!  We'll see how it makes it through it's first winter and the snowplowing!  (But I'm pretty sure I'll still think it's marvelous!)  

So, to tide us all over until the book arrives,  did you notice this cute table runner, "Christmas Cottage" in your December edition of American Patchwork and Quilting?  I just love Lynette's Santa fabrics from her "Winter Village" line, and used them in my Santa quilts, but if you decide, that like me, you need a kit for this project, or just have to have some fabric, you can get it on my site.  Hopefully that will keep us all busy until the book comes!  

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  1. That Tom is a keeper. And I love the star. I'd send you some patience if I had any.