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Friday, July 1, 2016

Ahhhh, Summer!

Summer is one of my favorite times! It's definitely time for the lake.....

It's time to be mowing the hay, and while Igne is busy cutting kits for me, her husband and boys are busy cutting and baling the hay.  It sure looks great once it's all mowed!

It's time for star gazing...Zack has taken some awesome pictures of the milky way,

but you might also see the Northern Lights 

or the Big Dipper

and most assuredly, you'll see those flags waving come Independence Day!  

But mostly, I look forward to time at the Lake!  Here are Tom and Scot helping me hang the quilt made from the project sheet for my upcoming fabric line, "Better at the Lake".  I just love this quilt, and it's quick to make since it uses the cheater fabric from the line in the center of the churn dash blocks and to make the pillow seen in the first picture.  If you're interested in a kit, just email me at to reserve yours!  The fabric will be in and available for purchase later this month!!

And we're all so disappointed that Scot didn't make the "Men behind the Quilts" calendar!  I think it was a HUGE oversight, don't you? teehee!

Last year at this time, I was working on my "Crazy at the Cabin" book, and guess what just arrived?  My advanced copy!  I'm so excited!!  The team at Martingale did an awesome job!  There are 96 fabulous pages featuring 10 different quilts!  Here is a quick preview:

Crazy Sandollars

Crazy Hot

Cabin in the Pines

What a Hoot

Crazy Moose Messages

Last weekend,  I made mom's 3 bean salad to take to the Lake for Sister's Weekend!  It's delicious and actually has 4 beans in it and is perfect to take to the Lake!  We always put in garbanzo beans too!

Kathy, Sue, & I had a great time!  You might recognize Sue's's the model for the House Boat in Crazy Regatta.  I sketched it during last summer's sister's weekend! So be watching my website so you can order you newest One Sister book, "Crazy at the Cabin" available in August!  

Hope everyone has a great holiday weekend! Be sage and enjoy the fireworks!
Lady Liberty


  1. Janet,
    So excited for you and your new book!! There are some must make projects
    Ha Ha! How did they overlook Scot for the calendar!
    After a long cold winter, Summer is wonderful

  2. Checking daily for "Better at the lake." So excited for this!!!