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Friday, June 3, 2016

What's new around here....

Hi Everyone!  It's been ages since I've talked to you!  I've finished up my next book, Crazy Favorite Things, and it should be ready to ship next week.  There are 13 blocks representing some of my very favorite things: birds and bees, flowers and trees, cats and dogs, and stars up above!  These things I do love!  (Plus a few others!)  The book has 8 quilts with various setting options for the blocks. 

Chicks in the Garden

Starry Nights

Churndash Table Runner

Several of the quilts are made with my new fabric lines, "Hip to be Square" and/or "Harvest Blessings" including Chicks in the Garden, Churndash Table Runner, and Starry Nights.

Other projects in the book include Crazy Busy Bees,

My Favorite Things and Welcome

Cherry Blossom Baskets, 

and Sew Crazy Stars.  

We had a fun time at market; here is husband Tom tending the booth!  

And here I am with Bonnie Sullivan and Debbie Busby in Debbie's booth!  

And it was great fun to see my upcoming book, "Crazy at the Cabin" hanging in the Martingale booth!  It will be available in August!  

And speaking of Martingale books, have you seen Kim Diehl's new Christmas book?  This is the one that was photographed in my house last summer!  

And my great-nephew Brigg's hand made the book!

That's all for now!  I will check in again soon, really!