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Friday, March 17, 2017

Happy St. Paddy's Day!

I hope you're all wearing your green today! This is my lucky hexie I made last year while sewing with dear friends.  I need to get back to this project....time just has a habit of slipping away....  

Mom & Dad's wedding day
Today is my mom and dad's wedding anniversary; my mom even wore a lovely sage green suit that I've always loved!  (And yes, it's hanging in my closet along with my own wedding dress!)

Mom, left, with her brother and sister on her 80th bday
Needless to say, Mom was just a wee bit Irish, and we girls have carried on the tradition so sisters Kathy, Sue & I along with our fams will be getting together tonight to raise a green beer in honor of our folks!  

 Meanwhile, things have been stacking up around here, while I work to have a new book ready for spring market!  It's shaping up (or should I say stacking up?) to be a fun (and crazy!) book! I will keep you posted on its progress!

Boise crazy piecing class

I've been fortunate to be doing quite a bit of teaching lately.  Be sure to check out my upcoming teaching schedule here.  I'll be in Arizona and Salt Lake in April, then home for a little Lake Time this summer, then off to Colorado and Indiana in September.  No wonder things  are stacking up here at home!  
I was in Boise last month to teach both crazy piecing and appliqué, where, as a bonus, I was able to reconnect with two of my sorority sisters.  I hadn't seen Marion since my wedding I think!  It was such a surprise to see her at the guild trunk show and so fun to visit again! It's that time thing again, slipping by, until I realize just how much I've missed the people I've loved!! So until next time.....may each of you know that "Ewe are loved"

The new book will be coming soon!

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