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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Back Porch Quilts

Today is a good day!  I'm binding "My Back Porch", and it's a beautiful fall day so I'm going to enjoy a bit of it stitching on the porch since my new book is off to the printer!  

The bush maples in our wind break are stunning this time of year!  I so enjoy all of the fall color in the trees!  

I'm headed to Helena, Montana to Prickly Pear Quilts to teach this weekend, so I will have a beautiful drive!  The tamaracks are gorgeous, shown here from my trip last year!  I'm looking forward to seeing Connie and everyone again this year! 

Crazy Moose Messages from the book Crazy at the Cabin
Although I love summer, I also enjoy the fall!  I've been waiting for the moose to travel through to head back north: they are pretty dependable, June and September they go by!  Use to be, we'd know they'd been here since they'd usually go right through the electric fence.  One morning I thought I had an extra horse out in the pasture but it was a moose!  Now, without Gus, there's no fence to let me know they've been by...if only they'd send a Moose Message!  I'm fairly certain they went by after dark a few days ago. Murphy was encouraging something to move along and it sure sounded larger than a deer as it galloped away!   

What a Hoot from the book Crazy at the Cabin
Murphy is such a goof ball, he even chases the owl that swoops across the pasture from the big tree by the Barn down to the big tree at the end of the lane-like he's ever gonna get lucky! But it seems like everyone is on the move this time of year, finishing things up, tending to the yard, and getting ready for winter -but not quite yet, thankfully!

Scot is done harvesting for us, 

and Tom is done harvesting the hops for our son, Ross 

And we've been to a couple fall festivals; one was a brew fest with the boys up at Schweitzer Ski Resort, and we hit Funky Junk, too.  Lucky for me, they were the same weekend!  

I found some treasures, of course!   I just love that blue and white ice cream bucket!  

 and I just had to get a picture of this guy with his mannequin!  This picture still makes me laugh!  Hope you all are finding the time to enjoy the season, too!  As with everything, these moments are gone too soon!  Enjoy!  

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